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Hi there! Thank you for visiting Spacejewel Hosting. Whether you found this through Google, a direct link, social media, or anything else, it doesn't matter.

Spacejewel Hosting was a final year school project started back in 2018 by Miguel N., with the intent of starting a web hosting company. A domain was purchased (this one), a website created, and backend services set up; The company was operational between 2018-2020. Unfortunately, it was a fruitless project. It never had any real customers, and the only people who actually used the service were the owner himself and a few friends, and the owner's freelance clients as well.

The project was never profitable. As such, it had to be closed back in early 2020 due to the lack of clients; However, the domain was still renewed due to an attachment to it, and email under this domain is still actively used. This is why you're seeing this page - instead of an error screen, you get a piece of history.

The website was automatically archived (thankfully) by the Wayback Machine, so if you type in this domain name and travel back in time to 2019, you'll see the website as it was back then.

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